What You Need To Know about Gambling Addiction

There are different types of gamblers who include the social gamblers, the problem gambler, and the professional gamblers. The majority of the problem gambler will pretend or believe to be a professional or social gambler. Social gamblers are people who consider gambling as a form of entertainment or as a reaction activity. They are individuals who can fully control their money, time and the energy they spend on gambling. On the other hand, professional gamblers are people who are highly skilled in gambling. They rely on their skills but not luck. They are people who have gained full control over the energy, time and resources spent in betting.

What is problem gambling?

This is any form of gambling which might end up disrupting your life. People who belong to this category are full preoccupied with gambling, and they spend more money and time on it. To them, gambling is a problem and not a form of entertainment. You will find these people being engaged in gambling activities despite the negative consequences. Examples of these gamblers are gambling addicts. However, not all problem gamblers are addicted to gambling.


Signs associated with gambling addiction

There are no distinctive or symptoms associated with gambling addiction as it is the case with alcohol and drug abuse. However, there are some indications which can be used to signal this problem.

  • Being secretive about gambling
  • Using gambling as a method of escaping life’s challenges
  • Having friends or family members who are worried about your gambling activities
  • Gambling even when you do not have money thus accumulating huge debts
  • Gambling despite the negative consequences
    Having a mood disorder or another behaviour

What are the main causes of gambling addiction?

There are many factors which contribute to gambling addiction including environmental, biological and genetic factor. Most of these gamblers will always feel desperate for valuable items or money. Some of them will even be interested in seeking the status of the successful gamblers. Others will develop some behavioural disorders which might result from or contribute to their gambling activity.

How to treat gambling addiction

Just like with the other forms of addictions, the process of breaking the cycle of gambling addiction might be very difficult. The addicted individuals are always after winning back the resources they have lost from this activity. This has played a key role in fuelling this problem. Some of the effective methods of overcoming gambling addiction include the following

  • Self-help groups- these groups are helpful in preventing relapse as well as treating this problem
  • Psychotherapy- this includes the cognitive-behavioural therapy which is aimed at teaching essential skills to people to change their behaviours and thoughts which might lead to gambling
  • Medications- this involves taking the mood stabilizers and antidepressants