How To Choose The Right Secateurs


A pair of secateurs is a great friend of the gardener, and it is considered the most prized tool. In fact, gardening is considered to be quite easy when you have a quality tool, which is not right for the job. Thus, you need to have the best secateurs. If you attempt to prune blunt secateurs, you will work for a long period.

t2gw3edcy7wuj22The right pair should last for many years, helping your yard and garden thrive. You can use them to trim the shrubs, cut flowers, and tidy wood. You should make a clean cut to promote new growth. Also, you can clean up the garden without causing damage to the plants. With several types of secateurs on the market, how can you select the best ones that can give you value for your money? In this post, you will learn some important tips to find the right secateurs to meet your gardening needs.

Finding the best secateurs

When you pick a pair of secateurs, you should ensure they are of the right size and weight. This is necessary to ensure they are comfortable to the user. Moreover, they should be up for the task you have at hand. There are two major types of secateurs:


They have a flat blade, which cuts down just like a knife and it is best suited to the dead wood and the thicker stems. You should avoid using secateurs as they squish the stem instead of cutting it. If you suffer from problems such as arthritis or you have weak hands, you can find it easier to use them.


They are the most common. They work similarly like scissors. They have a bottom blade and a top blade. You will find them good for cutting living stems and branches. Moreover, they are ideal for cutting hard-to-reach spots and delicate stems. They are available in left-handed and right-handed models.

  • When choosing a pair of secateurs, you need to ensure the following:tg2wedfc6ywe2
  • Ensure they have a safety hatch
  • Your hand should fit the grip appropriately
  • It should have a plastic covered handles rather than the exposed metal for extra comfort

It is advisable to clean your secateurs as recommend. In this way, you can increase their lifespan. After finishing printing, you need to remove any dirt or debris and wipe them using soapy water. Some experts recommend spraying blades with water and methylated spirits.…