Grooming your dog with clippers

grooming dog

When going to the professional groomers is too expensive and letting their hair grow into a cotton ball is not an option, give your beloved furry friend a trim yourself. It might be challenging at first because it is easier said than done. But the more you learn, the more you will get the hang of it. Learning to use them doesn’t require a fancy degree, just follow these few tips to help you on how you can groom your dog with hair clippers.

Use the right tools

grooming toolsWhen starting off your grooming, prepare the tools that you will need first. You will need a comb, slicker brush, and of course a clipper. Before you cut and trim the hair, bathe your pet first and brush its mane to detangle it and get rid of its clumps so that it doesn’t make it difficult and painful for your dog in the process. Before choosing clippers, test different ones and get the one that produces the least amount of noise. This is because loud noises can distress dogs. Choose the right blade as well. Different blades work well with different coats and produce different effects. Search around to know what’s best.

Working with your dog

When working with your dog, hold it to avoid any sudden movements to make it easier for you. Don’t pull their hair. To avoid doing this, keep your clippers extra sharp. Don’t clip too fast since it will leave lines. So go slow and go in the right direction with the growth of the hair. Start from the neck and go along to the back of the leg. And do it as is on the other side.

Groom for the looks

professional groomersBefore clipping away the hair of your furry little friend, know and understand its coat. It won’t hurt to pay one last extra visit to the professionals. Ask them to walk you through the process. Have them show you the best way on how to trim the coat of the breed of your dog. Know how your dog should look before you break out to groom.