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Who is entitled to join ENCORA

The ENCORA network is open to the coastal community in general, and more specifically to:

Coastal scientists,
Coastal engineers, planners and expert consultants,
Coastal practitioners,
who are working at ENCORA Associate Institutions.
ENCORA associate institutes and members are interested to cooperate with other European partners, in particular on practice-oriented multidisciplinary issues; they enable other ENCORA members to take advantage of their institutional and personal networks and they are ready to respond to requests for cooperation and information.

How to become ENCORA Associate Institute

By signing a networking agreement with the national or international coordinating institution, which is represented in the ENCORA core network and by submitting an ENCORA Associate Fiche.

How to become ENCORA member

Submit an ENCORA Member Fiche to the national (international) desk of the network to which your institution is associated. Use the template (in preparation)

Why join ENCoRe

The benefits members can gain from participating to the ENCoRe network are manyfold:

obtain, upon request, an up-to-date overview of institutes and persons in Europe working on specific issues in coastal research and coastal practice
find new partners for sharing efforts (capacity, infrastructure, data acquisition, ..) and information on specific problems
membership of information-exchange communities in specific fields of coastal research and coastal practice
participation to a programme of exchange-visits of young researchers and practitioners, with (limited) financial ENCORA support
establish cross-disciplinary relationships and cooperation
exchange experience in Communities of Practice
assistance to disseminating knowledge and information
assistance to partner search for developing joint proposals and assistance to finding opportunities for funding.