How To Maintain Your Aquarium At Home Or Office


Home or office aquariums are some of the best devices that enhance the aesthetics in these places. They can be made with all the creativity and imaginations people can get. Watching the aqua lives thrive every day can never be a boring sight especially for those who love life. More so, it is the different colors brought by the fish which makes all the difference. So, how can you maintain these gems if you own one? Aquacadabra is your best choice if you want to buy accessories to take care of the fish.

How to maintain

Changing the water

dfgdgdfgsdfsdfsdfsdIt is as simple as the water needs to be changed frequently. It is recommended that once every two weeks is the best practice. We all know that aquariums must not be full of water as about 20 to 30 percent of the water is enough. Some people like it half full which is still ok. Water changing is better done when vacuum cleaning the aquarium off the un eaten food and dirt. Maintain clean water and your fish will be happy

Test the water regularly

You do not have to wait until the next refill or cleaning to test the water. The fish rely on you to maintain the right chemistry of water. Any unfavorable condition can harm them. The popular tests include the carbon hardness, nitrates, and pH among many others. Marine fish will need regular salinity tests to give them a conducive environment.

Filtration process

Aquariums are fitted with filters that keep working throughout. It is important for the fish to thrive in a healthy environment. It also makes the water clear which enhances the beauty of your home or office. The common signs of a problem include murky water, change of behavior in fish especially the during eating or even death. It is a prudent idea to count the fish on a weekly basis since the smaller ones can decompose fast or be eaten by others when they die.

Feed the fish with the right food

sdfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfFish and any other aqua life need to feed on a daily basis just like any other animals. Feeding them with the right food is the best habit which to avoid illnesses or death. Starving the fish is also not the best habit. The stores have the common food you can give to them or seek the advice of a fish expert in your area.

A poorly maintained aquarium will be visible from a distance, and this is not the impression you want to give your visitors. Animal laws also prohibit the poor maintenance of animals. Make sure yours is well maintained at all times.…