The Truth About Self-care that You Must Know


We are not going to debunk the bogus behind crystal treatments, such as the ones promoted by Gwyneth Paltrow. Neither will we discuss what self-care works better than the others. Our approach to self-care should be, “Whatever works, they work.”

“To each his/her own,” will be the other catch-phrase that suits today’s discussion. What we will discuss here about self-care is that how we shall open our minds to habits and routines which we have overlooked for a long time, our mind and moods have got affected by that negligence.

It is going to be a mixture of motivational and self-reflection encouragement combined with suggestions of behaviors that will improve your life quality.

Get real, and get things done

Pile of TasksYou have neglected yourself for some time, that is, perhaps, because you tend to pile up tasks. Once you get overwhelmed, there will be no more time for you to check your dental health, you might even have skipped baths for several days already, and your appearance is just simply a total mess.

So, the first things you must do is to investigate your life and figure out what has made you run out of time. Make a list and schedule when you are going to finish them exactly.

Health maintenance

trackerBefore dealing with cosmetic appearance, the first thing you need to be concerned with is your health. When was the last time you do a routine exercise? How long do you spend time sitting every day?

Being inactive for almost every day will kill you slowly. Current studies on health have found out how sitting daily can lead to major deadly diseases, such as vertebrae deformation, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Hygiene maintenance

HygieneStill related to the previous section, hygiene maintenance will affect your health, and thus your productivity and life quality. Do not overlook small hygiene routines, such as shaving, bathing, brushing teeth, and nail trimming.



Have you ever noticed how your messy co-worker has never got any raise? Is not it always them who are optimistic, confident, and easygoing who dominate the positions with the high salary?

Maintain your appearance, and your social life shall improve. Treat yourself by upgrading to the latest fashion. Get a spa session and relaxing jacuzzi. You should see website that offers you self-care packages, such as hair removal by laser, skin rejuvenation, and even body sculpting.

If you happen not to know what body-sculpting is, it is a cosmetic treatment that can eliminate fat. It is a noninvasive procedure, meaning that you can get to work immediately after the process, and there will be no disruption to your daily routines.


The most important thing about self-care is that you must not be a procrastinator. The key is all in the habit, and changing it will not be easy. But with determination in mind, there is nothing impossible for you to do.